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    Re: Kole Gjinaj (Vota: 1)
    nga saleshop ditën Monday, 17 August @ 03:05:48 PDT
    A sense of privacy was achieved by setting the facility back from the main entrance, where a winding road took visitors past rock formations. The dark-shaded, two-story building came into view only after the final turn of the road.Over the main doorway, plans called for a 40-foot high metal ring with a convex stainless steel center, similar to Oakley’s trademark ellipsis. Inside Oakley Scalpel [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] were the corporate offices, an auditorium, a boutique, and a museum. The adjacent ware-house was the size of four football fields and contained a basketball court. Other features of the Oakley campus included a helicopter landing pad, a small park for employees, a jogging track that circled the area, Oakley Batwolf [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] and an amphitheater. Much of the corporate campus appeared to reflect Jannard’s personal style and took into account the youth of the company’s workforce, whose average age was under 30.
    One common gripe associated with conventional google systems is fogging. Humidity and physical exertion often make it impossible to Oakley Straight Jacket [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] maintain a clear field-of-view. The ventilation system in conventional goggles simply doesn’t provide sufficient airflow to prevent fogging.ESS has taken a big step forward in addressing this issue with their Adjustable Ventilation System (AVS technology). With the Advancer V-12, AVS technology allows the user to click the lens forward Oakley Zara Outlet [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] to initiate maximum airflow and eliminate fogging. The lens can also be snapped shut to seal out sand, dust or other debris.The patented sidewinder strip outriggers, which control the opening and closing of the ventilation system, are designed for optimum helmet compatibility. Two 2.8mm polycarbonate high-impact lenses (clear and Oakley Flak Jacket [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] smoke) are included with the Advancer V-12 kit, along with a lens pod and an element proof case. Amber colored lenses are available as an option. All lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection and are designed for precise optical clarity.
    Land's inventive ability was matched by a shrewd business sense. Oakley Eshopping [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] Part of his success was due to the fact that he licensed his method for various applications: to the American Optical Company for sunglasses, to the Eastman Kodak Company for camera filters, and to Bausch and Lomb Company for optical instruments.During World War II, Land worked on optics and Oakley Twenty [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] missiles for the National Defense Research Committee. In 1847 he invented the Polaroid Land camera, which made possible one-step photography. In 1948 he received the coveted Holley Medal of the American Society Oakley There Outlets [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] of Mechanical Engineers. In that same year, he developed a new optical system that enabled scientists at the Sloan-Kettering Institute to observe living human cells in their natural color. During the 1950s, Land served as head of a presidential committee studying ways to prevent future sneak attacks on the United States like the one that occurred at Pearl Harbor. Land's Polaroid Corporation continued research in optics generally and in color vision, plastics, and other fields.Crowning achievements Oakley Frogskins [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] of Land's career came in 1963, when he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and in 1967, when he received the National Medal of Science, both presented by President Lyndon Johnson. In 1972, Land was able to see a long-held dream of his become a reality when he Oakley Shop Outlet Store Online [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] introduced the SX-70 instant color camera to the world. Land was granted 533 patents for his inventions, and in 1977, the U.S. Patent Office inducted him into the Inventor's Hall of Fame. In August of 1982, Land retired. On March 1, 1991, he died of undisclosed causes at the Oakley Factory Outlet [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] age of 81. In an age increasingly characterized by the displacement of individual inventors by large industrial research laboratories, Land's career indicates that individuals can still make contributions to technological progress.Annie Oakley was born in a Drake Country, Ohio, log cabin on Aug. 13, 1860, the sixth of eight Oakley Twoface [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] children. After her father died in a blizzard, she began shooting rabbits and quail to provide the family income. Then she went to town, won a shooting match against a vaudeville star named Frank E. Butler, and earned more by shooting glass balls and playing cards at 30 paces.
    Oakley Online Stores />LensCrafters and other eyewear retailers were not content merely to wait for market growth in the form of aging baby boomers with deteriorating eyesight. Instead, they promoted the concept of eyeglasses as fashionable accessories in the same category as shoes or jewelry. This concept not only encouraged sales of Oakley Gascan [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] designer eyeglasses, but also ownership of multiple pairs of glasses. As Butler told Forbes in 1986, "Right now, most people buy a single pair of glasses every two or three years. But what if we can sell eyewear as fashion, a tortoiseshell pair for work and some wire rims Oakley Oil Rig [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] for play? We could double per capita sales of glasses."
    Eye Safety Systems, Inc. (ESS) today announced the introduction of a new ballistic eyeshield: the Crossbow SuppressorTM. The first eyewear designed specifically for use under ear cup hearing protection and communications gear, the Crossbow SuppressorTM maintains the effectiveness ofsuch Oakley Radarlock [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] devices and eliminates soreness around the ear caused by pinching and pressure. The Crossbow Suppressor? will benefit the wide range of end users who wear ear cup devices by providing better performance and increased comfort. Soldiers, pilots, hunters and shooters, heavy equipment operators, and many others will appreciate the Oakley Online Factory Outlet [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] product’s purpose-built ergonomic design.
    In 1996 the company achieved record sales that broke the half-billion mark, topping off at $527.1 million. At that point, Sunglass Hut International possessed a 30 percent share of the sunglass market in the United States. The company was operating more than 1,700 stores throughout Oakley Crosslink [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] the world, with approximately 1,425 of those being in the United States and the remainder spread throughout Canada, Australia, Europe, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Mexico.
    To market his new sunglasses, Jannard and his salespeople handed out many pairs to top athletes in the late 1980s and Oakley Juliet [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] early 1990s. At one golf tournament, they gave a pair to basketball star (and golfer) Michael Jordan, who became a regular wearer of Oakley sunglasses. Other celebrities who have been associated with Oakley sunglasses include Nike chief Philip Knight, tennis star Andre Agassi, skater Bonnie Blair, and baseball great Oakley Sale Store [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] Cal Ripken, Jr.A key element of Oakley’s distinctive marketing approach has been the use of influential athletes. Relying primarily on the “editorial” endorsement of influential athletes, Oakley was able to increase consumer awareness of the company’s product performance and overall brand image. Oakley believed serious athletes were quick to Oakley Online Thanksgiving Sales [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] recognize the superior technology and performance of its products.
    If the lens causes the line to sway or bend, the lenses are optically imperfect. For best results, look through the outer edges of the lens as well as the center.There are no particular byproducts resulting from sunglasses manufacture. Waste Oakley Antix [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] materials include plastic, glass, and metallic scrap from grinding the lenses and making the frames.Sunglasses manufacturing processes have become increasingly sophisticated in response to greater demand for high quality, stylish glasses. New coatings and colorants which deliver better protection against UV radiation continue to be developed. Improvements in the Oakley Shops [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] way frames are manufactured continue to be made. For example, U.S. patent 5,583,199 discloses a new way to make frames from a single piece of metal. New types of high performance sun-protective eyewear will be developed as advances are made in the fields of optics, surface chemistry, metallurgy, and Oakley Online Discounts [www.oakleysunglasseshutinc.com] others.


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