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    Re: Motra dhe vllezer Shqiptar ! (Vota: 1)
    nga saleshop ditën Thursday, 18 June @ 06:34:31 PDT
    Wallace’s Detroit-based company makes solid-body electric guitars from two-by-fours torn from homes, which create a butcher-block appearance.“Wood from sizes of ray ban aviators [www.ray-bansunglassesstoresale.com] these homes came from old-growth forests; the grain pattern is more dense, more beautiful,” said Wallace, 37, who heads the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, a nonprofit that oversees redevelopment.Glass and wood from ray ban reading glasses [www.cheapraybanssunglassesoutletsale.com] Detroit homes become terrariums in the hands of Derek Smiertka and Chad Ackley, who started Lead Head Glass LLC in 2013. Last year they sold 1,500 in the U.S. for between ray ban aviator gold frame [www.ray-bansunglassesstoresale.com] $40 and $190, at a 50 percent margin.Smiertka, 40, is an ex-lobbyist and Ackley, 30, a former financial planner. They work from their 800-square-foot basement in Ferndale, adjacent to Detroit. Hanging ray ban g-15 [www.ray-bansunglassesstoresale.com] tarps divide a glass-cutting station from their washing machine.
    Biegler enlisted Gary Weiss, a New York-based diamond dealer, to promote the Bahia Emerald; Weiss posted a listing for the stone on discount ray ban wayfarer [www.ray-bansunglassesstoresale.com] EBay in 2007, inventing an origin myth with riotous detail. According to the listing, the supervisor of the mine where the emerald was discovered needed eight men to heave it out white ray ban glasses [www.cheapraybanssunglassesoutletsale.com] of the ground and onto a jungle trail. They hauled it toward S?o Paulo until, five months into their journey, a pair of black panthers attacked the team’s mules. The men ray ban new wayfarer sunglasses [www.ray-bansunglassesstoresale.com] built “a stretcher from wood and vines” and “carried the rock by hand the rest of the way.”
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    “Having the Detroit connection has definitely helped us grow faster because you get so much interest,” Ackley said. “There’s a strong community of artists in Detroit that help each other ray ban jr sunglasses [www.cheapraybanssunglassesoutletsale.com] out.” To tap demand, the city is offering to lease a 37,500-square-foot vacant warehouse it owns, plus surrounding land, for $1 a year to a private operator who would create a ray bans store locator [www.ray-bansunglassesstoresale.com] regional hub to recycle tons of materials from demolitions. The center would create “critical mass” that would generate more demand and more jobs, said Farkas of the building authority.The plan is cheap replica ray bans [www.cheapraybanssunglassesoutletsale.com] more ambitious than reclamation centers in other cities, said Anne Nicklin, executive director of the Building Materials Reuse Association, a Chicago-based nonprofit. She reviewed Detroit’s request for proposals.
    Outside of Taiwan, brown ray ban glasses [www.cheapraybanssunglassesoutletsale.com] Web sellers are trying to find ways to cut down on how many days it takes to deliver products to customers, especially around the holidays. Alibaba is investing in a logistics ray ban blue lens [www.cheapraybanssunglassesoutletsale.com] network in China. Amazon is taking on more of the inventory duties normally handled by carriers and added Sunday deliveries last year. The company began offering one-hour delivery today, a service jackie ohh ray ban [www.ray-bansunglassesstoresale.com] only available in Manhattan.PCHome has been offering a 24-hour delivery guarantee across Taiwan since 2007. Amid mounting competition, the Taipei-based company opened more warehouse space last year, allowing it to up gold ray bans sunglasses [www.cheapraybanssunglassesoutletsale.com] the ante with six-hour deliveries in the capital city."Why six hours—not seven hours or eight?" explains Jamie Lu, a marketing manager at PCHome. "Office workers need the fast service. So they ray ban gunmetal [www.ray-bansunglassesstoresale.com] can buy online in the morning and have it delivered to their office before they leave at the end of the day."
    The key is to prepare. I’m going to err ray ban caravan sunglasses [www.ray-bansunglassesstoresale.com] on the side of optimism here and suggest some pieces suited to brisk, sunny days hovering around 60 degrees. Things like the lush leather oxblood jacket from Roland Sands (made in ray ban tech sunglasses [www.ray-bansunglassesstoresale.com] Long Beach, USA), a pair of green-lens Persol classics, and the Bell helmet that evokes the ghost of Steve McQueen.After all, it’s never too early to start planning for spring riding. ray ban matte black [www.cheapraybanssunglassesoutletsale.com] At the Neighbourgoods market in a concrete parking level of Johannesburg’s Braamfontein district, where hipsters indulge in organic food and craft beer, the format is familiar to some visitors.“It all felt ray bans clubmaster [www.ray-bansunglassesstoresale.com] very Brooklyn warehousey to me,” said Jeralyn Gerba, 33, co-founder of travel website Fathom and a resident of the New York borough, of her visit to the venue while on vacation. ray ban wayfarer sunglasses polarized [www.ray-bansunglassesstoresale.com] Together with her husband, Justin Carter, an international DJ who throws the party Mister Saturday Night, she sipped coconut water and snacked on Thai spring rolls ray ban womens glasses [www.cheapraybanssunglassesoutletsale.com] and fried chicken. “It was a real smorgasbord,” Gerba said.
    The deal had a twist. Instead of giving Newlead a loan, Magna paid some of Newlead’s lenders for the right to collect its old debts. After Magna sued Newlead to collect, the two companies quickly filed a settlement where Newlead agreed to give rb2132 new wayfarer [www.cheapraybanssunglassesoutletsale.com] Magna discounted stock that it could sell right away. A New York state judge signed off on the arrangement.Sason said in an affidavit filed in the case that Magna, together with ray ban men sunglasses [www.cheapraybanssunglassesoutletsale.com] an unnamed partner, paid off $45 million of debt and received stock that it sold for $62 million—a $17 million profit before expenses.The financing technique is legal as long as the ray ban prescription glasses online [www.cheapraybanssunglassesoutletsale.com] debts that are being paid off are real and the financier doesn’t kick any of the money from the stock sale back to the company, according to Mark Lefkowitz, another penny-stock pink ray ban sunglasses [www.cheapraybanssunglassesoutletsale.com] financier who pleaded guilty in 2012 to breaking those rules. “The bottom line is, it’s supposed to be used for bona fide conversions of debt to equity,” says Lefkowitz, who’s cooperating ray ban sunglasses case [www.cheapraybanssunglassesoutletsale.com] with the FBI. He cut an interview off quickly, saying he was due to be sentenced soon and needed to check with his FBI handler before talking.


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