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    nga saleshop ditën Friday, 11 December @ 08:09:49 PST
    Way back during New York Fashion Week (which seems like a year ago now, doesn't it?), we were completely charmed by Kate Spade's whimsical version of a paper Chinese food takeout box repurposed as a purse -- which looked a heckuva lot like the real thing, with the addition of a leather strap and luxe gold chain.
    kate spade saturday />Another distribution option for a brand is to pay an editorial entity that already has a video audience. i-D recently partnered with Diesel on an episode of its existing video series, "The A-Z of Dance." This type of model is one we're likely to see more of as magazines like kate spade bags [www.katespadesurprisesaleoutlet.com] Nylon and Lucky have announced plans to beef up their video content — the former sees branded video as an important revenue stream moving forward.
    "The behavior of the luxury customer is evolving; their style is more fluid and this is reflected in the way they shop. The changes we kate spade purses [www.katespadesurprisesaleoutlet.com] are making allow us to serve this new behavior more intuitively," said Bailey. "By unifying our three lines under one label we can also offer a much more consistent experience of Burberry's collections."
    This week, Cohen's mission has manifested in his first collaboration on an actual product: hearing aids for kate spade outlet [www.katespadesurprisesaleoutlet.com] Audicus, an online retailer that positions itself as the "Warby Parker of hearing aids." With Audicus's design team, he created removable adhesives in bright patterns, like pink sparkles and leopard print. He also directed a great short film starring Joyce Carpati, one of the subjects of his documentary. "For a kate spade [www.katespadesurprisesaleoutlet.com] long time I’ve thought about doing projects with devices," Cohen tells Fashionista. "I was a caretaker for my grandmother, and when you’re a caretaker you’re surrounded by hearing aids, canes, walkers and all these things; if they were more attractive, they would bring lot of joy to the people who kate spade surprise sale [www.katespadesurprisesaleoutlet.com] have to use them."
    Vevers also reintroduced the bandana prints and stars and stripes motifs from his earlier collections, particularly in the knitwear, which he said is an increasingly important category for Coach. And the bags? They weren't as remarkable as the bold, luxurious outerwear, but the bowler shapes -- kate spade new york [www.katespadesurprisesaleoutlet.com] which came in ivory and yellow ochre, some emblazoned with the word "Lucky" -- had my Twitter feed abuzz.Does anything get done on a Friday before a three-day weekend? Nope. Your physical presence at your place of employment should be more than enough. We as a society need these days kate spade handbags [www.katespadesurprisesaleoutlet.com] to recharge, especially since the outdoor weather is so miserable. And what better way to release stress than by making impetuous online purchases motivated by flash sales? C'mon, our Founding Fathers would be proud. I thought it was Friday two days ago, and by eavesdropping on the train, at bodegas kate spade sale [www.katespadesurprisesaleoutlet.com] and in my office elevator, I determined that everyone felt the same way. Good news—the wait is over. Throw caution to the cold, bitter wind and celebrate freedom from kate spade handbags outlet [www.katespadesurprisesaleoutlet.com] your uncooperative office copier by diving into the warm waters of online discounts. Our favorite retailers await. Happy hunting. The spring 2015 ad campaigns have been full of dynamic duos and ladies of older generations, but the print images that Kate Spade just released — starring 22-year-old Karlie Kloss and 93-year-old Iris Apfel — are among our favorite of the season.
    "Historically, the [swimwear] category has been geared towards function—like, what works best for your body kate spade factory outlet [www.katespadesurprisesaleoutlet.com] type, but what’s changing is that it’s becoming a fashion occasion in its own right,” explains Sabra Krock, the creative director of top swim retailer Everything But Water. “The show has grown over the years driven by a lot of new entrants designer-wise, both brand new upstart designers and ready-to-wear kate spade sale [www.katespadesurprisesaleoutlet.com] designers entering into the swim market.”


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