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    For illustration click this link. The author has selected 40 beer labels from Albanian Collection and some of these labels are out of circulation due to their factory closure and replaced by new up-to-date labels


    July-August 2006. No.142

    The Official Publication of the American Breweriana Association Inc.

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    Meet Mr.Sokrat Bozo

    One of our newest members is Mr.Sokrat Bozo(#9174),who recently came to the USA from Albania when his wife and son gained spots in the immigration lottery.

    He and his family now reside in St.Louis,MO –which is fitting considering his large collection of Anheuser-Busch labels(some of which are pictured at left).He has the world’s largest collection of Albanian labels-some of which will be featured in a future issue.

    He also collects stamps,phonecards,postcards,and items related to the St.Louis Gateway Arch.

    By Doug Hovers – Associate Editor , ABA #8642



    Located across the Adriatic Sea from the heel of Italy’s boot and along the coast just north of Greece ,Albania has been struggling to stabilize its economy in the years following the fall of communism.Under the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha,Albania had little contact with the world economy and nearly all industry and agriculture were controlled closely by the state.

    Breweries were part of massive agricultural product cooperatives,and what aquipment and expertise they had was provided by the Soviet Union.

    When the economy was liberalized in the early 1990s,the brewing industry was among the many that took advantage of the new freedom to expand and export.

    While the initial rush of imported beers to the country caused domestic production to fall,the local breweries soon regrouped and began to expand with the help of loans from outside the country.

    Today the five largest breweries in the country are Birra Tirana,Birra Korca,Birra Stela,Birra Norga and Birra Kaon.Birra Tirana is the largest of these and,according to the company’s website,is one of the largest manufacturing firms in the country.(The website is www.birratirana.com -while there is an English –language option ,this editor found the Albanian version more useful,even with no knowledge of the Albanian language .)

    Like most other countries in Eastern Europe,Albania specializes in Pilsener-style beers,though the breweries produce a few dark beers and even a nonalcoholic product.While the variety in beer styles does not compare with Germany,Belgium or the United States,the labelsstill display a wide range of designs

    Though many of the labels are self-explanatory or include English,a few general words of explanation and translation might still be helpful.Many of these beers follow the Bavarian Reinheitsgebot and use only the four accepted ingredients.

    These are often listed on the label:maja is malt,elb is barley,uje is water and lupulo means hops.Many of the labels include the degrees in Balling,which measures the percentage of the wort that is sugar and therefore available to be converted into alcohol.

    Most labels include the code”Stash 1401-87”(or something similar), which is simply a government production code number.

    Mr.Sokrat Bozo(#9174)moved recently from Albania to the United States,and currently lives in St.Louis.In additional to the Albanian labels pictured here,he specializes in Anheuser- Busch labels and other breweriana.He also collects postal First Day Covers and ,fittingly for a resident of St.Louis,souvenirs related to the Gateway Arch.He can be reached via e-mail at:sokratbozo@sbcglobal.net

    Sokrat has generously donated the labels pictured in this article,about three dozen additional Albanain labels ,some Albanian coasters and one hundred U.S.labels to the ABA Museum collection.Thank you for your contribution!

    Albania is the first alphabetically in the list of countries with breweries(unless we have overlooked one in the United Arab Emirate sheikdom of Abu Dhabi).Perhaps we could create a series of article highlighting foreign breweriana,and do it in alphabetical order.Does anyone have photos to share on Argentina ?If country-by-country is too ambitious,we could use one representative country for each letter.Breweriana of Belgium or Brazil could be an interesting topic.If you fave an article you would like to propose for this series,contact Associate Editor Doug Hoverson.This project should keep us busy through at least 2012

    (Text and additional research for this article by Doug Hoverson.)

    10 February 2008

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